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This warranty is offered by Prompt Aero Services, Inc. (PAS) in respect to aircraft articles which is repaired or overhauled by PAS to the customer’s instructions.

PAS warrants that subject to all the term of this warranty the article will be free from defects resulting from:

» Faulty workmanship by PAS during the repair or overhauled.
» Faulty materials in spare parts used as replacements during the repair and /or overhaul.

This warranty shall take effect immediately from the receipt of the article by the customer and will remain in force for a period of one year from that date, and relates to all such defects discovered within the warranty period. PAS will not be obligated to repair any article if defect are due to improper article use, handling, tampering, or stored and maintained in a manner not consisting with sound aviation practice. All seals on safety wire must be intact. This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear and accidental or consequential damaged.

Subject to confirming the validity of any claim under this Warranty, PAS will, without charge, repair any defective article and will also pay reasonable packing and transportation charges.

Any article alleged to be defective under this Warranty shall be returned correctly identified and packaged to PAS. Following rectification the balance of the warranty period remaining shall run from the date the unit is again received by the operator.

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